Talent Sourcing & Screening

We leverage our data-driven insights to identify and engage higher quality candidates, faster.

With many in-house recruitment teams feeling under-resourced, some organisations are struggling to identify the volume, skills or diversity of talent that they need. Whilst a full RPO may be the best answer for some businesses, others prefer to manage the process internally, drawing on specialist support as required. In response, we have developed a flexible solution to help customers find the talent their business is looking for.

Using our Talent Sourcing and Screening solution, we help companies expand their talent pools, accelerate speed to hire, and increase workforce diversity by designing, managing and optimising the candidate sourcing and screening processes. Using best-in-class technology, we engage talent at all phases of the acquisition lifecycle including, passive, active and opportunistic talent.

Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor

RPO Operations Director
Talent Solutions

Talent Attraction

Our attraction capabilities span every touch point: media channels specific to a company’s target audience; attention-grabbing creative adverts; compelling messages that encapsulate a company’s offering; and an engaging, seamless digital experience with relevant, inspiring content.

Talent Assess

Working closely with your business, our recruiters conduct in-depth candidate assessments to identify the top performers for your organisation.

Talent Shortlists

Want to keep the interviewing in-house, but need support with the initial shortlist creation? Our team can provide you with highly targeted shortlists and longlists of screened candidates for interview and/or assessment.

Meet Peak Demand

With peak hiring periods comes a significant increase in workload for internal recruitment teams. Share the load with our specialist teams when you need them, without adding to your HR headcount.

Access Diverse Talent Pools

If you’re looking to improve the diversity of your workforce, we can support with sourcing and screening strategies which help your business reach new talent pools.

Our Capabilities

All of our workforce capabilities combine expertise with best-in-breed technology to help you acquire the in-demand talent you need.

Our Technology

By partnering with best-in-class technology providers, key capabilities are integrated directly into PowerSuite, which creates the flexibility to tailor our offerings to meet evolving client and candidate needs. Leveraging data and automation, our solutions increase your efficiency, improve candidate experience, reduce cost and risk, and improve hiring quality while reducing time-to-fill.

Key Benefits


How our solutions have helped businesses like yours

Right Solution Available at the Right Time


  • A leading global Media and Entertainment company faced a major challenge recruiting key digital skills including:
    • Big Data, Cloud, Cyber, Data Scientists, DevOps, Full Stack Dev, Software Engineers and Systems Engineers
  • The incumbent provider was unable to support as their recruiters lacked the necessary niche expertise
  • All roles needed to be filled within a three-month window to avoid having a detrimental impact on associated projects


  • Once the full project specification was received, a specialist On-Demand Recruiter was assigned and actively resourcing in less than a week
  • Our On-Demand Recruiter was seamlessly embedded as an extension of the customer’s HR team for the duration of the project
  • All sourcing, screening and onboarding requirements were completed within target timeline

Our On-Demand Recruiter service provides a fast and effective short-term solution any time you need it – providing a simple way to expand your internal team in response to changing demands.

Unrivalled Access to Local & Global Intelligence


  • Talent Solutions was engaged by a client to provide the necessary market insight expertise for a competitive tender
  • The customer was looking to staff a new Category C resettlement prison in Glen Parva, Leicestershire
  • There were a number of challenges associated with the programme including:
    • Remoteness of the location, salaries on offer, role profile and local market competition
  • Our challenge was to investigate and determine potential options and provide an actionable end solution


  • The Talent Solutions team was commissioned to support the bid and provided with a full brief surrounding the challenges
  • Our experts investigated all relevant components utilising ManpowerGroup’s proprietary/third party intelligence insights including:
    • Candidate availability by role profile/salary benchmarking
    • Local market competition (including competitor Employer Value Proposition’s)
    • Demographic infrastructure
  • A full local/regional Talent Mapping exercise was completed to provide precise market insights to support the development of a robust hiring strategy
  • Our Talent Mapping enabled our client to clearly demonstrate their suitability for the tender

Talent Mapping: our access to local and global market intelligence is unrivalled – every solution in today’s market needs to be intelligence-led. Our market insights enable our Customers to gain a competitive advantage.

Address Challenges with Scalable Resources


  • A leading multinational technology company was facing challenges resourcing for specialist roles including:
    • Data Scientists, Site Reliability Engineer, DevOps, Cloud, Cyber, Big Data, Enterprise Architect and Solutions Architect across multiple EMEA locations
  • Their in-house resourcing team was successful across other areas of recruitment, but struggled to scale to meet demand and identify sufficient relevant, quality candidates for these profiles
  • Talent Solutions was engaged to work alongside the in-house team:
    • Our team was responsible for sourcing, identifying & shortlisting appropriate candidates
    • Candidates were then handed over to the in-house team to complete the recruitment cycle and onboarding process


  • The client engaged our Talent Sourcing service to deliver 350 shortlisted candidates for their niche roles
    • The specialist talent sourcing team were briefed and had a project plan implemented within a two-week period
    • The team reached the target of shortlisting 350 suitable candidates just one week after the programme launched

The combined strengths of our Talent Sourcing team and an in-house recruitment function can enable previously unattainable goals to be achieved ahead of schedule. By working in partnership with our customers, we can bolster and enhance any recruitment solution, no matter how niche or specialist.

Fast & Effective Cross-Border Mobilisation


  • Talent Solutions was approached by a financial technology organisation embarking on an aggressive growth plan in the UK, Brazil and the United States
  • The client required a 200% increase in headcount over the course of a year to support their growth
  • Skillsets required included hard-to-fill Sales, Technology and Digital roles
  • Current preferred suppliers had limited scale and market presence to deliver the scope within the timescale required
  • The customer needed a partner who could deliver a targeted scalable solution across all markets


  • Talent Solutions identified and assigned a team of specialist recruiters to manage each of the key profiles
  • A bespoke talent campaign solution was planned across all territories within a two-week implementation period
  • We developed a targeted attraction strategy to promote the client’s employer brand and EVP in each location, enabling us to deliver their requirements within the predefined, ambitious timescales
  • As part of the service, our teams will finish the project with a detailed knowledge transfer programme for the client, equipping their in-house function with the necessary skills and data to deliver for their own business in the future

Highly impactful Talent Campaign solutions can be mobilised with speed and precision, providing customers with a competitive edge to attract the right talent at the same time as developing internal recruitment capabilities.


We help organisations accelerate performance by building the capability to adapt their workforces for today, and for whatever the future holds.


Tailored, scalable recruitment strategies that enable organisations to focus on core processes that matter.


Our in-house experts work with businesses to build bespoke recruitment campaigns, helping you to attract the right talent at the right time.


Using market leading insights tools, we map the talent for the skills you’re struggling to find, building a detailed picture of candidate working preferences, talent availability and salary expectations.


Acquire the best talent, improve candidate flow and reduce recruiting costs by deploying experienced recruiters when, how and for as long as you need them.


Build a strong, talent-based foundation for strategic workforce initiatives to enable long-term growth. We provide a collaborative, insight-driven approach from workforce planning to talent optimisation, and implementation to upskilling/reskilling.


With the proliferation of workforce data, organisations need a partner to help them drive insights that accelerate strategic, forward looking decisions. By leveraging assessment and our deep analytics capabilities, we deliver talent insights that enable workforce optimisation.

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