Contingent Workforce Management

Our global team of experts are uniquely qualified to manage all contingent workforce needs, improve processes, create efficiencies and deliver cost savings.

From sourcing to separation, business analytics to daily operations, our flexible solutions are designed to handle all aspects of contingent workforce management efficiently and at scale.

We help organisations gain control of their contingent workforce, optimising processes, enhancing performance, and driving productivity improvements.

Partnership Network

Tap into our existing relationships with over 4,000 companies who provide temporary staffing on behalf of our clients around the world as the need arises.


Comprehensive, centralised and efficient payroll support through initial candidate engagement, payroll management and ongoing support services.

Worker Tracking

Mitigate risk, protect your data and make strategic decisions with a clear, detailed picture of your entire external workforce.

Customised Solutions

Our streamlined processes are completely tailored to maximise your contingent labour engagement. Enabled by VMS technology, our experience and expertise brings consistency, visibility, accountability and innovation into your programme.

Insights That Drive Results

Increase enterprise-wide visibility, streamline process and achieve cost efficiency with our leading technology platform and suite of consulting services.



Our IntelliReach platform leverages industry leading methodologies to make better workforce decisions and develop winning contingent workforce strategies, providing the most comprehensive suite of products to help you plan, manage and optimise your talent strategy and performance on a global, regional and local level.



Consulting services include support for developing business cases, ROI analysis, change management, supplier rationalisation, reporting and analytics, and more.

Case Studies

How our workforce solutions drive closer alignment between business and talent strategies, resulting in higher quality talent, greater operational efficiencies and enhanced profitability.

Delivering a successful programme extension for an international insurance provider

Specialising in property, life and retirement insurance, our client serves customers in over 100 countries and territories and is one of the world’s leading international insurance providers.

Harnessing our longstanding partnership to deliver enhanced benefits to a FMCG leader

Founded in 1929, our client is one of the oldest multinational companies in the world with over 167,000 employees globally. As a leading FMCG organisation, they provide nutrition, home hygiene and personal care products to over 150 million people across 180 countries and territories.

Delivering a neutral managed service programme for a global leader in information technology

Founded over 40 years ago, our client is now one of the largest and most successful information technology companies in the world with a workforce of over 90,500 temporary workers across more than 70 countries and territories.


TAPFIN offers a full range of solutions to better manage the sourcing, quality, costs and risks associated with your contingent workforce.


Get complete visibility and expert insights about your entire contingent workforce.


Engage new talent pools outside of traditional employment channels and increase engagement in the gig economy.


Talent shortages are at an all-time high and are impacting workforce productivity globally. Aligning business and talent strategies is critical to accelerating workforce agility, and improving candidate experience to help organisations thrive.


While the amount of data available to organisations is proliferating rapidly, the ablity to interpret and inform business decisions with data and meaningful analysis can be a significant challenge.


The way organisations source, select and develop employees is changing, driven by an explosion of technological innovations and shifting candidate expectations. But the importance of recruiting high-quality talent is more critical than ever to ensure sustained business success.

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