TAPFIN: Managed Service Provider

TAPFIN has the data to solve and the insights to transform. Our comprehensive global solutions optimise contingent workforce management and drive performance through people, process and technology.

Insights. Efficiencies. Results.

In a fast-paced, evolving market, TAPFIN offers a full range of solutions to better manage the sourcing, quality, costs and risks associated with your contingent workforce. With unparalleled expertise and innovative technologies, we work as partners to optimise total talent management and deliver measurable business results now and in the future.

Our quality programme management capabilities, efficient processes, breadth of services and global reach has made us the provider of the largest and most respected hybrid and vendor neutral MSP in the world.

Contingent Workforce Management

Our global team of experts are uniquely qualified to manage all contingent workforce needs, improve processes, create efficiencies and deliver cost savings. We deliver visibility and predictability to contingent workforce programme, in line with your organisational requirements – optimising time-to-hire, quality of hire, on and off boarding, contingent worker management, and vendor performance management.

Statement of Work Management

Get complete visibility and expert insights about your entire contingent workforce.

Alternative Workforce Solutions Management

Engage new talent pools outside of traditional employment channels and increase engagement in the gig economy.

Why choose TAPFIN for your MSP?

Our innovative best practices and extensive global experience is combined with industry-leading VMS technology. Delivering complete oversight of your service providers and recruitment vendors, we optimise contingent workforce management processes, and drive performance through people, process and technology. Our solutions consistently add value by delivering results that have a positive impact on workforce efficiency, while reducing costs and mitigating risks.

We’re proud that industry analysts Everest Group have named TAPFIN as the Global MSP leader for four consecutive years. TAPFIN is the only MSP vendor to have established and maintained an ISO 9001:2008 certification for all its processes.

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Talent Solutions

We help organisations transform the way they source, manage and develop their workforces to ensure that they have the right talent today, and for the future. We provide global, integrated data-driven solutions across the talent lifecycle from talent attraction and acquisition, to upskilling and development, and retention at scale.


Build a strong, talent-based foundation for strategic workforce initiatives to enable long-term growth. We provide a collaborative, insight-driven approach from workforce planning to talent optimisation, and implementation to upskilling and reskilling.


While the amount of data available to organisations is proliferating rapidly, the ability to interpret and inform business decisions with data and meaningful analysis can be a significant challenge.


The way organisations source, select and develop employees is changing, driven by an explosion of technological innovation and shifting candidate expectations. But the importance of recruiting high-quality talent is more critical than ever to ensure sustained business success.

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