Talent Campaign

Building bespoke recruitment campaigns, helping you to attract the right talent at the right time.

The media landscape has become progressively more fragmented. There are countless ways to inform prospective candidates about job openings. As a result, building a robust talent pipeline is now an increasingly complex task. Candidate attraction efforts need to be more targeted, proactive and relevant to ensure companies stand out from the crowd.

Whilst many organisations have in-house teams and partners in place to help manage their talent requirements, many still struggle to attract specialist, in-demand and diverse talent. If you need additional support reaching the right candidates, we can work with you to develop bespoke talent campaigns, providing a dedicated team which operates as an extension to your existing HR or talent acquisition department and is focused on delivering 100% fulfilment rates. We can:

Meet Peak Needs

Looking to find candidates to help you scale your organisation during peak business periods? Our Talent Campaign services are configured to ensure effective engagement and acquisition of talent, whilst minimising any business disruption.

Support and Build Talent Campaign Modules

Our team can deliver specific talent campaign modules depending on your requirements: including Project Management; Candidate Attraction; Assessment; and Vetting and Onboarding.

Access Diverse Talent Pools

If you’re looking to improve the diversity of your workforce, we can support with campaigns designed specifically to attract new talent pools which haven’t previously been accessible to your business.

Provide Flexibility

In fast-paced, uncertain markets, flexibility is crucial to maintaining an agile, efficient business. Each Talent Campaign module is fully adjustable and bespoke to each customer’s requirements. Additional services are available on request, based on the needs of each project.

Speed to market with swift implementation

Time and resource savings for in-house teams

Flexible and cost-efficient solutions

Improve fill rates and time to hire

Unique access to talent

Analytics and reporting at each stage

How our solutions have helped businesses like yours

Fast & Effective Cross-Border Mobilisation


  • Talent Solutions was approached by a financial technology organisation embarking on an aggressive growth plan in the UK, Brazil and the United States
  • The client required a 200% increase in headcount over the course of a year to support their growth
  • Skillsets required included hard-to-fill Sales, Technology and Digital roles
  • Current preferred suppliers had limited scale and market presence to deliver the scope within the timescale required
  • The customer needed a partner who could deliver a targeted scalable solution across all markets


  • Talent Solutions identified and assigned a team of specialist recruiters to manage each of the key profiles
  • A bespoke talent campaign solution was planned across all territories within a two-week implementation period
  • We developed a targeted attraction strategy to promote the client’s employer brand and EVP in each location, enabling us to deliver their requirements within the predefined, ambitious timescales
  • As part of the service, our teams will finish the project with a detailed knowledge transfer programme for the client, equipping their in-house function with the necessary skills and data to deliver for their own business in the future

Highly impactful Talent Campaign solutions can be mobilised with speed and precision, providing customers with a competitive edge to attract the right talent at the same time as developing internal recruitment capabilities.

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