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As technological disruption and growing talent shortages increase the complexity of workforce needs, organisations must optimise talent strategies to execute their business strategies.

Our Latest Insights

We help organisations to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace, with market-leading research into the forces that are transforming the future of work. By exploring the issues, trends and challenges impacting employers and jobseekers around the world, our insights enable employers to make more informed, strategic choices about acquiring, developing and retaining the talent their business needs to thrive.

Full Lifecycle Workforce Solutions

We help organisations transform the way they source, manage and develop their workforces to ensure that they have the right talent today, and for the future. With the flexibility and scale of our sourcing capabilities combined with our expertise in career management, we provide global, integrated data-driven solutions across the talent lifecycle from talent attraction and acquisition, to upskilling and development, and retention at scale.

In a world of accelerating change, organisations need to re-think how they view and manage talent and resources. Going forward, companies who are flexible and adapt to alternative ways of working will be more able to secure the talent they need. And, with a more holistic view of the workforce, employers will be able to meet the challenges of the Skills Revolution, which is manifesting itself through:

Shifting Demographics

Changing skill requirements mean employers have to anticipate demographic shifts, find talent from new sources, and do more to keep people engaged, in order to maintain a right-skilled organisation.

Rise of Individual Choice

As workers embrace alternative ‘NextGen’ ways of working and the gig economy has grown, talent management systems have not kept pace – leaving organisations without a clear total workforce perspective.

Customer Sophistication

Choosing where to locate, source and hire a global workforce depends on more variables and fewer constants. Analytics are needed that allow organisations to predict success – not just reflect on it.

Technological Revolution

65% of the jobs Gen Z will perform do not even exist yet. Employers need to fast track the upskilling and reskilling of existing employees – so they can address the demands of both today and tomorrow.

Workforce Consulting

Build a strong, talent-based foundation for strategic workforce initiatives to enable long term growth. We provide a collaborative, insight-driven approach from workforce planning to talent optimisation, and implementation to upskilling and reskilling.

Workforce Analytics

Make better, data-driven decisions about your talent, resources and planning, and enhance visibility to your workforce. Our global business and market intelligence create labour market insights that inform business decisions.

Data-Driven Capabilities

With the proliferation of workforce data, organisations need a partner to help them interpret insights that accelerate strategic, forward looking decisions. By leveraging assessment and our deep analytics capabilities, we deliver talent insights that enable workforce optimisation.

Our Services

Our tailored solutions for permanent and contingent talent take a holistic approach to helping clients transform how they source, manage and develop their workforce.


The global leader in outsourcing services for large-scale recruiting and workforce-intensive initiatives.

From attraction to onboarding, and everything in between – our world class Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions are flexible, scalable and deliver the results you need.


Our Managed Services Provider (MSP) works with leading organisations to develop, deploy, and enable an integrated approach to analysing and managing contingent talent across the globe. TAPFIN delivers comprehensive global solutions that optimise contingent workforce management and supplier performance.


Our global talent management offering provides outplacement, career management and leader development solutions to accelerate organisational performance and build future-ready talent.

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Business transformation and talent shortages are causing workforce disruption. We can help you solve your most complex talent and workforce challenges.