Project RPO

Optimise your resources during peak and slow times with our flexible recruitment support for short-term, seasonal or niche/specialty hiring needs.

Re-build talent pipelines with high-quality talent in a rapid, cost-efficient way while receiving a guaranteed 100% project fulfilment.

Project RPO: An Agile Recruiting Solution

Project RPO provides an agile recruiting solution that is cost-efficient and rapidly scalable.

Learn how our flexible project led approach and dedicated resourcing team supplies high quality professionals, faster and more effectively, than traditional recruitment models.

Project RPO Playbook

Download the Playbook, which includes a step-by-step process implementation guide, to find out how Project RPO augments your existing infrastructure by supplying high-quality professionals faster and more effectively than other traditional recruitment models.

Project RPO Playbook

Full Cycle Recruiting

By combining our workforce expertise with innovative technology, our tailored, scalable, end-to-end recruitment strategies support talent acquisition through the entire lifecycle and partner with you to develop your workforce strategy.

Talent Campaign

Our in-house experts work with you to build bespoke recruitment campaigns, helping you attract the right talent at the right time. Providing a dedicated team which operates as an extension to your existing HR or talent acquisition department, we’re focused on delivering 100% fulfilment rates for your roles.

Talent Sourcing & Screening

Access critical talent quickly with our data-driven insights and best-in-class recruitment methodologies. We identify and engage the right candidates with the right skills while providing an exceptional candidate experience; helping your team manage increased application volumes or reduced function size.

Talent Mapping

Using market leading insight tools, we map the talent market for the skills you’re struggling to find, building a detailed picture of candidate working preferences, talent availability and salary expectations. By defining the size and shape of talent pools and providing accurate salary benchmarking, this insight can be used to develop highly targeted sourcing plans.

Candidate Attraction

We can design, deliver and report on bespoke campaigns that support your EVP, employer brand and talent attraction requirements. Our attraction capabilities span every touch point: media channels specific to a company’s target audience; attention-grabbing adverts; compelling messages; and an engaging, seamless digital experience.

This solution can be used to attract volume, niche or diverse talent to meet your organisation’s requirements.

On-Demand Recruiters

Improve your candidate flow and reduce recruiting costs with our experienced recruiters, who can be deployed to support with short-term surges in hiring activity and candidate applications. Our experts give you access to our deep talent acquisition and management experience when you need it most.

Related Content and Case Studies

Access related content, including examples of how we have helped companies improve hiring quality and time-to-fill, improve productivity, generate cost savings and drive efficiencies.

The world’s largest coffeehouse chain needed to shortlist candidates quickly to support its expansion to Italy.

  • The solution included sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, offer management and onboarding
  • Volume and quality of candidates exceeded client expectations:
    • 5000+ applications managed;
    • 500 candidates invited to RPO Recruitment Event;
    • 300 of 500 candidates invited to 24 assessment sessions and face-to-face interviews;
    • 200 hires in the 1st year of partnership.

A leading global product development, digital platform engineering, and top digital and product agency with Fortune 1000 clients located around the world needed to quickly scale up their Java Development team in Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Centralised delivery via our Shared Services Centre;
  • Improved existing hiring process for a highly competitive talent market;
  • Successfully headhunted over 100 roles across EMEA;
  • 128 accepted submittals within 4 months;
  • 88.25% acceptance rate of Senior Java Developers;
  • 100% acceptance for niche roles of partnership.

The world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance alkaline batteries required a proven leader in Project RPO to support talent acquisition during the company’s divestiture.

  • A 10-week project supporting the client’s team in filling over 400 vacancies for middle and senior management roles across 19 countries:
    • 1,500+ telephone screens conducted;
    • 750+ candidates submitted to hiring managers (6 candidates per role, exceeding the 3 CV per role SLA).


We help organisations accelerate performance by building the capability to adapt their workforces for today, and for whatever the future holds.


Access critical talent quickly with our data-driven insights and best-in-class recruitment methodologies.


Optimise your resources during peak and slow times with our flexible recruitment support for short-term, seasonal or niche/specialty hiring needs.


Acquire the best talent, improve candidate flow and reduce recruiting costs by deploying experienced recruiters when, how and for as long as you need them.


The workplace is evolving quickly and businesses must create an ecosystem for talent and skills that is sustainable. Applying a Net Zero approach to the workforce reimagines how to attract, hire, reskill and redeploy talent.


Build a strong, talent-based foundation for strategic workforce initiatives to enable long-term growth. We provide a collaborative, insight-driven approach from workforce planning to talent optimisation, and implementation to upskilling/reskilling.


Make better, data-driven decisions about your talent, resources and planning and enhance visibility to your workforce. Our global business and market intelligence create labour market insights that inform business decisions.

Need talent or help with your workforce strategy?