Right Solution Available at the Right Time


  • A leading global Media and Entertainment company faced a major challenge recruiting key digital skills including:
    • Big Data, Cloud, Cyber, Data Scientists, DevOps, Full Stack Dev, Software Engineers and Systems Engineers
  • The incumbent provider was unable to support as their recruiters lacked the necessary niche expertise
  • All roles needed to be filled within a three-month window to avoid having a detrimental impact on associated projects


  • Once the full project specification was received, a specialist On-Demand Recruiter was assigned and actively resourcing in less than a week
  • Our On-Demand Recruiter was seamlessly embedded as an extension of the customer’s HR team for the duration of the project
  • All sourcing, screening and onboarding requirements were completed within target timeline

Our On-Demand Recruiter service provides a fast and effective short-term solution any time you need it – providing a simple way to expand your internal team in response to changing demands.