Delivering a multi-country neutral vendor MSP

As a world leader in IT, our client has designed, created and delivered new technology solutions that have helped shape the way the world connects, works and learns for over 30 years.


  • With operations in over 165 countries around the globe, in 2012 our client implemented a multi-country MSP solution across the US, Canada and China to streamline their processes and provide greater control, visibility and compliance
  • After several months of operation, it became apparent that their incumbent provider was struggling to achieve the compliance, process and cost efficiencies they required
  • Our client entered the market to source a suitable supplier for a similar programme in EMEA. TAPFIN was selected to implement their European Neutral Vendor MSP programme across 14 key countries within EMEA
  • Critical areas for optimisation included:
    • SOW management (90% of their requirements)
    • Worker misclassification
    • Supply chain enrolment and management
    • Spend and visibility
    • Local country support
    • Centralised processes
    • Rate management
    • Cost savings strategies.


As the largest programme of its kind across Europe, TAPFIN has overseen a three-phased implementation.

Key elements of our solution include:

  • A dedicated white-labelled Programme Management team
  • A dedicated Supplier Identification and Enrolment team for the duration of the implementation. To date, 500+ legal supplier entities across 14 countries have been enrolled
  • Dedicated supplier training workshops to help explain the new programme, enrolment process and ongoing relationship management
  • A series of internal communications videos developed, aimed at user managers to define the programme in a more interactive, simplistic manner
  • Creation of a dedicated online interactive training suite made available to all user managers


Our results to date include:

  • 4,000+ contractors across 14 countries
  • 500+ suppliers enrolled in the programme
  • $400m+ spend running through Fieldglass (VMS tool)
  • 75 training workshops completed for managers, users and suppliers
  • Three unique communication videos developed and distributed to all internal stakeholders
  • Agreed fixed annual savings commitment
  • 250+ individual user managers engaged across the programme


contractors onboarded across 14 countries




spend running through Fieldglass (VMS)


individual user managers engaged