The Human Age – Eleventh Edition

The Human Age – Eleventh Edition

The impact of COVID-19 on the world of work is unavoidable, be that the switch to remote working or the sudden pressure put on key workers. The global economy has been shocked by the pandemic, and employment will be one of the building blocks to recovery. The health crisis has also presented opportunities to re-evaluate and challenge the status quo within organisations.

Building the New Normal

The Human Age newspaper examines our 4Bs model – Build, Buy, Borrow and Bridge – showcasing different tools and mechanisms which underpin this strategy; diving into Total Talent Management, MyPath, the Driver Academy and best practice in implementing an outplacement programme. You’ll hear the voices of senior leaders within ManpowerGroup and experts from our clients and partners.

As well as sharing our latest data, such as the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey; the What Workers Want research; you’ll also find industry leading data on diversity and COVID-19 jobs changes – which we hope will spark useful conversations. Finally, we’re pleased to highlight some of our charitable partnerships, those we have been working with to open doors for young people.

Highlights from the latest edition of the Human Age newspaper include:

  • Upskilling, Redeploying and Career Ultramarathons
  • Safely Back to Work: A Practical Guide
  • Ensuring Generation Z is Not Lost to the Pandemic
  • A Crossroads For Women in the Workplace
  • The Latest ManpowerGroup Employement Outlook Survey
  • Snapshot of What Workers Want Data
  • Summary of the Drivers Academy

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