The Human Age Newspaper – First Edition


The Human Age is all about people. It’s about building, empowering and engaging a sustainable workforce. It’s knowing that access to talent is important, but equally important is engaging and developing the talent you already have, to drive innovation and productivity. And it’s those companies that understand how to channel and unleash human passion and potential who will be the ones that get ahead.

As the world of work grows ever-more complex, employers will need to re-think how they access talent, re-imagine their people practices, and re-design how they construct work. That’s how organisations will lead and win in the Human Age.

The Human Age Newspaper is our summary of the employment trends and dynamics that will most impact your workforce manage processes in the years ahead.

In this first edition, we explore:

  • UK jobs market on the rise
  • How to build a resilient workforce
  • Building tomorrow’s talent
  • Mark Cahill appointed Chairman of CBI’s London Council
  • Experis launches partnership programme.