The Human Age Newspaper – Fourth Edition


Organisations must navigate new directions in today’s world of work. Demographic, technological, and economic shifts have transformed the employment landscape – and the rules of the work have been rewritten. Skilled talent are rejecting traditional corporate pathways in favour of managing their own careers, on their own terms. It’s a new reality, where in-demand talent is firmly in the driving seat.

Forward-thinking organisations of the future recognise the need to separate their talent strategy from their peers. They acknowledge the necessity to position themselves as an employer of choice, to foster an engaged culture of development and accelerate performance by exploring untapped talent pools.

Keeping pace with the dramatic trends impacting today’s world of work involves developing talent and HR strategies that will secure an energised and flexible workforce for the long-term. The Human Age newspaper is our summary of current and future workforce trends that you need to be aware of. We’ll also show you some of the ways ManpowerGroup is helping organisations to address complex workforce challenges.

In this fourth edition, learn more about how we are:

  • Enhancing Thomson Reuters’ talent acquisition strategy
  • Future-proofing the workforce
  • Streamlining contingent workforce strategies
  • Accelerating women into leadership
  • Helping clients navigate complexity across the world of work.