The Human Age Newspaper – Second Edition


The start of a New Year is often a signal for change. It’s a time of clean starts, fresh approaches, and an opportunity to look at things differently. It’s often welcomed and embraced, as we each seek to improve and develop ourselves. When it comes to business, however, the reality of change is not always so straightforward.

Faced with industry shifts, economic upheavals and organisational evolution, the challenges facing employers continue to grow in complexity. It’s a world of uncertainty. To harness these winds of change, business leaders need to look differently at their workforce models and adopt new approaches to the world of work.

The Human Age Newspaper provides insight into the current and future workforce trends that will influence how you manage your workers in the years ahead.

In this second edition, we explore:

  • Pay divide splits South West
  • Managing labour market uncertainty
  • Enhancing Morrisons’ hiring process
  • Big business hiring set to hit 10 year high
  • Demand for digital experts rising
  • Unleashing high potential talent.