The Human Age Newspaper – Seventh Edition


Navigating the changing dynamics of today’s workforce can be unpredictable. Faced with growing economic and environmental uncertainty, companies need to keep the business running smoothly with one hand, while preparing for a different and unclear future with the other.

An organisation’s true strength is tested when it’s presented with challenging situations. Just as each storm at sea presents the chance to test the strength of a vessel and its crew; the challenges organisations face provide opportunities to explore new ways of working and potentially soar to new heights.

By anticipating potential change and planning for uncertainty, employers can develop a flexible, yet resilient, workforce strategy to futureproof their business. As part of this, collaboration with experienced, trustworthy workforce partners is crucial – to help steer the course of change and manage transformation in a way that can deliver long-term benefit to all stakeholders.

The Human Age newspaper is our overview of the workforce trends which are challenging employers to think differently about their workforce, and the ways in which we’re helping employers prepare for the future of work. In this seventh edition, we focus specifically on the ways in which we’re contributing to society through meaningful, sustainable employment.

Highlights from the latest edition of the Human Age newspaper include:

  • Enhancing NHS apprenticeship recruitment
  • Exploring the reality: the journey to Total Talent Management
  • Contributing to society through sustainable employment
  • Driving digital transformation through effective end user services
  • The Amazon Web Services’ Re:Start programme
  • How will the GDPR impact your workforce?