The Human Age Newspaper – Third Edition


It’s often said that it’s a small world. Whether you’re based in London or Sydney – demographic shifts, economic turbulence, and emerging technologies are presenting new challenges and unprecedented opportunities to today’s world of work. Despite this uncertainty, one constant remains – human potential is the catalyst for business and economic success.

A global talent outlook is required to meet the challenges businesses face today. And as we seek to strengthen our productivity and standing in the global market, providing jobs, training, and opportunity must remain top priorities for UK businesses of all sizes.

The Human Age Newspaper is our overview of current and future workforce trends facing your organisation. Combining our deep understanding of local market dynamics with an international network spanning all four corners of the world, we’ll provide you with insight into the dynamics that will influence your workforce management processes both in the UK and around the world.

In this third edition, we explore:

  • Constant innovation drives global MSP for Microsoft
  • Pre-election slowdown in IT hiring
  • Future talent is now
  • Shaping the future of British business with the CBI
  • Powering young job seekers into work.