Report: 2016 Sustainability Report

Today’s world of work is defined by constant change, technological disruption and the division of employment opportunities.

As a result, we’re seeing the polarisation of the population play out in front of our eyes. All around the world, people feel disenfranchised and disconnected. Too many people look ahead and cannot see how their circumstances will improve.

Building Workforce Sustainability

Businesses have a real responsibility to be a positively contribute to societal change. ManpowerGroup was founded on this principle – that running a successful organisation isn’t just about delivering a profit to shareholders. It’s also about contributing to society, by providing meaningful and sustainable employment for millions of people. Fast forward nearly 70 years and our dual purpose holds true.

We’re focused on improving learnability and employability – helping people build the desire and capability to develop in-demand skills to be employable for the long-term. Download our 2016 Sustainability Report to find out more.