WEBINAR: World Down Syndrome Day: Supporting People with Down Syndrome into the Workplace

World Down Syndrome Day

Despite many sectors in the UK experiencing a skills shortage and struggling to fill vacancies, people with disabilities are often overlooked for opportunities and are twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people.

Through Workfit, the Down Syndrome Association’s employment programme, job-seekers who have Down syndrome are now in jobs they want and enjoy. The benefit to employers is an untapped, highly motivated pool of talent ready to learn and get to work.

Our panel of experts discuss in this webinar how employers in the UK can confidently support a person with Down syndrome at work. They also cover how organisations can support people with different disabilities by driving inclusivity in the workplace. The session includes:

  • Being a Disability Confident Leader – the benefits to organisations and their workforce
  • Our teams experience of helping individuals with Down syndrome into work
  • Practical solutions on how to recruit people with disabilities and what this means for your organisation.

Register using the link below to watch the webinar on-demand.