Below the Surface

In today’s competitive environment, global corporations and other employers are searching for ways they can attract and retain the world’s top talent. To understand how employers can leverage global candidate preferences, ManpowerGroup Solutions surveyed nearly 4,500 job seekers across the UK, United States, China, Australia and Mexico about their job search and career preferences.

While the results identified many similarities between the preferences of job seekers in each country, digging below the surface has revealed noteworthy differences too. Learning and adjusting to these distinctions is crucial to developing more effective hiring and retention strategies.

This first report explores the trends employers need to keep top of mind and highlights a number of universal motivators.

The UK in Focus

With nearly 20% of respondents based in the UK, we’ve summarised some of the key factors employers should be aware of when attracting and retaining top talent in the British jobs market. Our supplement highlights UK candidate preferences/motivators as well as comparing UK candidate preferences with the rest of the world.