Candidates Preferences for Flexibility


The UK’s talent shortage is at a record high, with 23% of businesses reporting they cannot find the skills they are looking for. This figure is more than double what it was a decade ago.

To find, build and sustain the best talent while others are trying to do the same, companies need to know what workers want and shift their workforce demands to more closely match the needs and desires of in-demand talent.

40% of workers now report that flexibility is among the top three factors they consider when making career decisions. As such, workplace flexibility as a talent management policy is no longer an option, it is an essential practice that enables organisations to attract and develop skilled talent.

Jo Taylor, RPO Operations Director at ManpowerGroup, recently led a webinar to explain what is meant by ‘flexible working’ and the specific working policies that may have the biggest impact on recruitment and retention. The 30-minute webinar is now available to be watched on-demand.

Key insights you’ll gain in the session include:

  • Explanation of why flexibility is increasingly a top concern for today’s employees
  • Eight key work arrangement options that matter most to workers
  • Six things employers should consider when implementing new, flexible work arrangements
  • Expert advice on how to help managers move away from presenteeism