Case Study: Technology Enables Workforce Visibility for SoW

Case Study: Technology Enables Workforce Visibility for SoW

The Business Challenge

A global and market-leading pharmaceutical company required a Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner with global reach and expertise to standardise processes and provide greater visibility into their non-employee workforce, including temporary, outsourced and Statement of Work (SoW) pools in Europe and North America.

The organisation also needed a centralised method and platform to manage the non-full-time equivalent (FTE) individuals, providing them with badge access on-site and online systems access. As the pharmaceutical industry is strictly regulated, there was the added challenge of complying with and managing the technological and regulatory complexities across multiple countries.

TAPFIN was recognised as the best partner for this project, thanks to a global presence, extensive technical experience, industry insights, as well as the experience to navigate conditions across different geographies.

Implementing the Solution

The TAPFIN team implemented a number of process improvements for the client. These included putting master services agreements in place for more than 900 suppliers globally, as well as auditing their compliance and connecting those suppliers to the Fieldglass vendor management system. To more effectively manage the non-FTE individuals, the team created a tracking initiative to classify workers and record the status of their documentation.

The SoW enrollment process was also integrated into a dedicated module of Fieldglass, and talent data was integrated into IntelliReach – TAPFIN’s portal that allows organisations to plan, manage and optimise talent strategy and performance on a global, regional and local level. Using IntelliReach allowed the company to see trends and spend over time, alongside market data, which informed their decision making.

The Results Produced

Embedding these process improvements helped to drive compliance with global documentation and screening requirements, as well as reduce organisational risk for contingent worker classifications. New security protocols streamline background checks, as the process will immediately shut down if clearance is not received. The system for billing suppliers has also been improved, preventing any delays in invoicing for services provided.

In addition, TAPFIN’s oversight of the SoW solution ensures that there’s consistency, cost savings and ongoing review, creating peace of mind for the client. In total, the TAPFIN team manages over 20,000 temporary, outsourced and SoW workers for the organisation in France, Italy, the UK and the US.

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