Report: Exploring the Reality – The Journey to Total Talent Management

Traditionally, procurement has been focused on ‘purchasing’ contingent workers; while HR has taken ownership for permanent resourcing and RPO management. As a result, historically, many organisations have experienced a disconnect between HR and procurement – with both operating in distinct silos from one another.

Nonetheless, significant benefits can be achieved when these business functions align their strategies and work more closely together. When permanent and non-permanent workforces are no longer managed separately, employers can focus on attracting, engaging and retaining the right person with the right skills, regardless of how they need to be employed.

In its absolute form, this mindset is known as Total Talent Management; where the entire workforce is united in a fully comprehensive talent management programme, delivered by a single provider.

To find out how close organisations really are to achieving a fully holistic approach to workforce managers, we interviewed a selection of senior HR professionals about their journey to Total Talent Management. Our research found that nearly 90% of respondents believe that future workforce strategies will call for enterprise-wide implementation – but few organisations have actually implemented such an approach.

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