Report: Siri, Find Me a New Job

Companies are facing an unprecedented scarcity of workers. The global talent shortage is at a 12-year high, with 45% of employers globally reporting difficulty finding the skills they need. Qualified candidates are harder than ever to find, and many employers are addressing this challenge by investing in a range of technology tools designed to help them prospect, screen and engage candidates.

At the same time, candidates continue to place high importance on human interaction during the recruitment process. So much so, that when we asked nearly 18,000 candidates about how they prefer to engage with prospective employers, the most popular response was high-touch, in-person interviews, which was selected by 26% of candidates.

Human contact will always be a critical part of the candidate experience. In fact, with so much of the initial contact between candidates and employers becoming automated, the need for human interaction may only increase in importance. After all, there are valuable non-verbal cues that both employers and candidates benefit from when meeting in person.

Nonetheless, it’s also important that organisations can harness the power of technology to streamline and enhance their recruitment processes. The best approach is for employers to blend high-tech with high-touch. With the right skills, hiring managers and recruiters will be able to use technology to make their hiring processes more efficient, without losing the personal interaction that candidates value so much.

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