How to create a back to work plan for your organisation

How to create a back to work plan for your organisation

As the UK establishes its plan to relax the lockdown measures and reduce restrictions, businesses are looking to create plans for the return to a new normal.

However, whilst the Government will be providing guidance for organisations, the way forward is far from clear cut, with businesses needing to assess how they can support their employees to return to work.

Now available to watch on-demand, our recent webinar, ‘Our New Normal: Returning Safely Back to Work’ offers expert insight and advice on how organisations can create the most efficient and safest plan for their organisation. During the conversation, Chris Gray, Director at ManpowerGroup, Jo Pursaill, Director of Talent at ManpowerGroup, and Kate Moore, Director at Darling Associates Architects, explain how organisations can best meet the challenges of reopening offices across the UK.

Watch today to discover:

  • Recommendations from Kate Moore, Director at Darling Associates Architectures, on how office layouts can be reconfigured to enable social distancing requirements
  • What the offices of the future could look like as spatial requirements change
  • How managers can best accommodate shifting commuting patterns
  • The need for increased flexibility with your employees
  • The conversations you need to be having to support your team in their return to work.