Infographic: 2016 Talent Shortage Survey

Now in its 11th year, the ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey explores how difficult it is for employers to fill jobs. We interviewed over 42,000 employers in 43 different countries and territories, to find out which skills are currently the hardest to find and the strategies they’ve implemented to overcome recruitment difficulties.

Key findings from the 2016 Talent Shortage Survey:

Globally, two in five employers are having difficulty filling jobs. This represents the greatest shortage of talent since 2007. For the third consecutive year, Japanese employers report the greatest difficulty filling vacant positions, with 88% facing a talent shortage. At the other end of the scale, Chinese employers are least likely to report hiring difficulties, with just 10% of employers having problems filling jobs.

In the UK, the skills gap is lower than the global average, with just 18% of employers telling us that they’re having difficulty filling jobs. However, this is 4% higher than last year and is the highest skills gap seen in the UK since 2007.

Take a look at our infographics to see the full UK and global findings: