The Millennial Mismatch – Why It Matters

As the pace of change in business environments continues to accelerate, it’s never been more critical for organisations to ensure their recruitment and workforce strategies are tailored to the key drivers of in-demand talent. Yet where Millennials are concerned, there’s often a mismatch between the perceptions of employers, and the opinions of Millennials themselves.

ManpowerGroup surveyed a number of senior HR professionals in the UK to find out more. We asked their opinions on the readiness of Millennials for the world of work, the development initiatives they currently have in place, and their views as to how best engage and retain this generation. In this whitepaper, we compare these responses to the opinions of Millennials themselves, to explore the dividing opinions of employers and Millennials.

This whitepaper summarised the key findings and explores some potential recommendations for bridging this divide.