Navigating Talent Scarcity: Unleashing the Power of Retention, Reskilling, and Recruiting

Navigating Talent Scarcity: Unleashing the Power of Retention, Reskilling, and Recruiting

In a world where the demand for skilled individuals outweighs their availability, HR professionals are faced with the challenge of addressing talent shortages. At ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions, we recognise the significance of Retention, Reskilling, and Recruiting as key pillars for HR success. Catch up on our recent webinar in partnership with HRD Connect as we delve into these critical elements and their collective power in overcoming talent scarcity and building a resilient workforce.

Uncover the transformative potential of Retention strategies in nurturing and retaining valuable employees who contribute to your organisation’s growth. Unlock valuable insights into the unique requirements of talent at various stages of their careers and discover how customised opportunities can enhance their engagement and satisfaction.

Listen on-demand from our esteemed panel of experts sharing key learnings on the following topics:

  • The 3 Rs: Tackling talent shortage and building resilience by understanding the importance of retention, reskilling, and recruiting.
  • Synergy of the 3 Rs: Uncovering how these elements combine to form a strong talent strategy that drives success.
  • Technology as an Enabler: Discover how HR tech solutions streamline processes, assess skills, and enhance communication to maximise efficiency.
  • Connecting and Engaging Talent: Understand the motivations of talent at different career stages and learn how to provide tailored opportunities to foster engagement.
  • Aligning Talent Acquisition with Long-term Goals: Identify skill gaps, develop talent pipelines, and ensure your organisation is equipped for long-term success.

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