Report: #GigResponsibly – The Rise of NextGen Work

The labour market is tightening: populations are ageing, the workforce is shrinking, and skill requirements are changing faster than ever. The gap between the skills people have and those employers need is widening. Companies have to find talent from new sources and do more to develop and keep their brightest and best.

At the same time, people are choosing to work differently. The ‘Monday-Friday 9-5 job for life’ is a thing of the past, and workers are increasingly opting for alternative ‘NextGen’ ways of working – such as contingent, contract, temporary, freelance, on-demand and platform roles.

The Next Generation of work will look very different to the past. And, in a world of accelerating change, leaders must support – not prevent – alternative ways of working. Businesses and workers want choice, flexibility and resilience for less predictable futures – and that’s exactly what NextGen work can deliver.

To learn more, we surveyed 9,500+ workers in 12 countries to find out how they want to work in the future. 87% of respondents said they are open to NextGen work, indicating that businesses need to align their workforce strategies to the changing demands of the people they wish to attract. We invite you to download the full whitepaper to find out more.