Report: Planning for Uncertainty

From the rise of robots, globalisation and mass migration; to Brexit, the US elections and wider geopolitical uncertainty. Technological and political shifts are happening at pace, and we can be certain that further changes lie ahead.

As a result, companies will need to be nimble – so they can keep businesses running smoothly with one hand, while preparing for a different and unclear future with the other. However, despite this, employers continue to focus their workforce planning processes on known, rather than unknown, circumstances. So, when one variable changes, workforce plans can be fundamentally altered overnight.

In today’s world of work, companies need to be ready for change. They need to invest in understanding talent availability; they need to plan for variations in demand; and they need to develop a framework that accounts for large-scale change. Anticipating and planning for change in this way will mean employers can develop a resilient, strategic workforce planning processes which keep their business competitive.

In this new whitepaper, we discuss how employers prepare for an uncertain tomorrow, through strategic workforce planning. We explore how data can be harnessed to plan for workforce shifts, and analyse the impact of Brexit on the workforce.