Report: Swipe Right: Candidate Technology Preferences

Human Resource professionals would attest to the notion that technology has changed everything when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent. Chatbots are initiating conversations and answering questions. Text messaging is replacing email. And companies are increasingly looking to video technology to screen candidates.

Technology is embedded in everything we do, and has affected most (or nearly all) aspects of the hiring cycle. Yet, what is not widely known is how candidate preferences about technology can be leveraged by employers. How can companies use technology to ensure a competitive advantage in today’s war for talent?

To understand more, we interviewed nearly 14,000 workers in 19 influential countries across the globe, to find out what candidates need, want and expect from technology during the hiring process.

This report provides new insights into candidate technology preferences, including global trends and country nuances; and suggests practical steps employers can take to attract and retain right-skilled workers.