Report: The Rise of the Well-Informed Candidate

Historically, the balance of power between employers and candidates has favoured employers. Candidates had few sources of information about open positions, corporate culture or company vision – let alone compensation and benefits.

Nowadays, however, easy access to information means candidates have never been so well-informed about jobs and companies. Candidates worldwide want to visualise themselves in an organisation before they hit ‘apply’. So, increasingly, they identify the company mission, corporate brand, culture and commitment to corporate social responsibility as key deciding factors in making a job move.

As organisations around the globe continue to report difficulties filling roles, understanding and aligning to candidate preferences and expectations is critical. That’s why ManpowerGroup Solutions interviewed nearly 14,000 workers in 19 influential employment markets across the globe about their job search preferences. We wanted to find out what information they look for during their job search, and how much of this information they actually find.

This report provides new insights into what matters most to today’s candidates, and suggests new strategies and tactics to effectively compete for in-demand talent in this new global marketplace.