Report: The Skills Revolution – Digitisation and Why Skills and Talent Matter

In the face of digitisation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, all kinds of predictions have been made about what the future of work looks like.

Will there be more jobs; different jobs; or fewer jobs? At this point in time, no one can be sure. Nevertheless, one thing is certain. We’re at the beginning of a Skills Revolution, where helping individuals to upskill and align with changing skill requirements will be the defining challenge of our time.

It’s clear that organisations need to take immediate action. We cannot slow the rate of technological advances. However, during this period of uncertainty, we can invest in employees’ skills, to increase the resilience of people and organisations.

The Skills Revolution: Why People Matter

To learn more, we asked 18,000 employers in 43 countries across six industry sectors how they expect technology to impact their business in the next two years. In addition, we also questioned them on how they’re ensuring their workforce has the right skills and is ready to adapt for the future.

Our research revealed that new mindsets are required – for both employers trying to develop a workforce with the right skill sets, and for workers who seek to advance their careers. Download our whitepaper to find out more.