Insights: Sophisticated Talent Analytics That Will Optimise Your Contingent Workforce

Organisations are capturing vast amounts of data about their workers, but often lack the ability to transform this information into relevant insights that drive business success. New digital platform IntelliReach addresses this, allowing companies to leverage industry-leading methodologies to make better workforce decisions.

As organisations and industries transform, employers want to be able to make informed choices and adopt increasingly sophisticated people management practices. Competition for in-demand talent is intense, and employers recognise that data-driven planning will give them the competitive edge required to overcome talent shortages.

In spite of this, many organisations continue to rely on transactional-level data which provides insight into what is happening in the workforce, but not why or how. This is often because their data sources are varied and inconsistent; variables and filters don’t align with requirements; and comparative analytics, if available at all, typically lack the depth and detail needed to provide real meaning.

Chris Arthur, Operations Director at TAPFIN, ManpowerGroup Solutions, said: “Forward-looking companies are seeking more sophisticated talent analytics that allow them to predict future success, rather than relying on past performance to guide decision-making. They want to identify new opportunities in their workforce, and understand what will limit potential, what will nurture it, and what will make that potential thrive.

“This is particularly important where contingent workforces are concerned. Many organisations employ a significant number of non-permanent workers. As this trend continues to grow, it’s more important than ever that organisations understand the cost efficiency and productivity of their contingent workforce, and can plan for variations in market conditions, skills availability, regulations, seasonal needs, and other macroeconomic forces. By comprehensively analysing data, organisations can develop winning contingent workforce strategies to lead them into the future of work with confidence.”

The next generation workforce analytics

This is where TAPFIN’s IntelliReach platform can support. IntelliReach is the only platform in the industry to combine the innovative tools, transparent analytics and comparative benchmarks required to execute an effective workforce strategy across Managed Service Programmes (MSPs). It goes one step further than transactional Vendor Management Systems and Applicant Tracking Systems.

Through best-in-class data warehousing, IntelliReach helps companies move away from transactional data, and instead leverage industry-leading methodologies to make better workforce decisions and drive business performance.

Chris continued: “Non-permanent workers are a critical part of an organisation’s total talent strategy and workforce blend, and they continue to have the potential to significantly impact business outcomes. Companies are increasingly recognising that they need multidimensional workforce analytics tools to allow them to strategically manage their contingent workforce, alongside their non-variable capacity, in a more proactive manner.

“Importantly, our IntelliReach platform allows clients to access the meaningful data required to evolve their contingent workforce management and delivery processes. It provides the insight needed to optimise MSP programme outputs, dynamically evaluate suppliers, assess risk, calculate cost savings, and benchmark by industry, location or job – allowing organisations to gain competitive advantage through actionable business intelligence.”

One of the key offerings from IntelliReach is Talent Loupe – a feature that consolidates workforce data from multiple sources to provide a seamless way for organisations to analyse their workforce. MSP data is presented in an intuitive, user-friendly format, to provide meaningful metrics and comparisons that can be used to understand programme performance and relevant trends. This complements IntelliReach’s Supplier Loupe functionality, which digitises supplier scorecards to allow for more productive conversations at the click of a button.

Another key differentiator for MSP stakeholders within IntelliReach is Compass Point. This is a central location where the MSP sponsors and key client stakeholders can collaborate on a joint strategic management plan for the programme. It provides a consistent maturity roadmap for the MSP; a high-level view of programme performance; and the ability to track progress towards proposed optimisation goals. This ensures there is a transparent and holistic view of MSP progression, and a clear framework for the ways in which short-term initiatives will contribute to long-term programme goals.

The IntelliReach™ platform digitises MSP services through TAPFIN’s suite of automated, easy to use programme optimisation tools

This next-generation analytics and programme management solution elevates how clients manage, track and measure performance throughout the programme lifecycle. The result for clients is unparalleled workforce insights into their overall programme roadmap, programme analytics, supplier performance, benchmarking and comparative analytics.

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This article first appeared in the ninth edition of The Human Age Newspaper.