Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: Moving from Conversation to Action


In recognition of International Women’s Day, this month ManpowerGroup is shining a spotlight on the need to promote workplace diversity, in all its variations, as well as sharing actionable steps companies can take to create a more equal and representative workforce.

Originally presented as part of the ‘Humans Wanted: Transforming the Future of Work’ ManpowerGroup conference, Salma El-Wardany’s discussion on workplace diversity can now be watched on-demand. During the 45-minute conversation Salma explains how organisations can move forward from simply talking about diversity and inclusion, to driving real action.

Watch today to learn:

  • How we can get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • The importance of having the right people in the room
  • The danger in organisations treating diversity like a trophy.

Key points to look out for:

  • A performed poem by Salma addressing problems with today’s conversation around diversity
  • Ten key topics for businesses to consider this year and suggested next steps
  • A Q&A session with Salma.

About the speaker:

Born in Egypt and raised in the North of England, Salma El-Wardany relocated back to Cairo just before the Arab Spring. Between protesting and fighting in the revolution, she started a blog to document her experiences as a young Muslim woman in the city and discuss ideas of womanhood and how gender identities manifest in today’s world.

She has gone on to work with Edinburgh University on the Dangerous Woman Project, given a TEDx Talk, currently writes for various magazines, is working on her debut novel, ‘Burkas & Bikinis’, and performs her poetry across the US and UK and on BBC radio, all while also running an international marking business.