PODCAST: Brace Yourself for the Youthquake

“Dare to try and dare to fail” is the motto for the latest episode of our Transform Talent podcast.

Rawstraw.se, which produces 100% natural and environmentally-friendly straws out of Swedish rye, started as a school project before going on to win the 2019 ManpowerGroup “Ready for Work” Award at the Junior Achievement Europe Company of the Year Competition and is now available to buy in shops and supermarkets. Creativity, innovation, resilience: this is the kind of story we love to hear about and learn more.

Join Salvatore Nigro, CEO of Junior Achievement Europe, Europe’s largest education programmes provider with over 4 million young people going through their programmes each year, Maalfrid Brath, Regional Managing Director Nordic & Baltics of ManpowerGroup, and Josephine Daily Tempelaar, Co-founder of Rawstraw.se, as they discuss entrepreneurship, work readiness, financial literacy, employability and job creation for young people.

Through engaging interviews with talent industry experts, our new podcast series discusses Covid-19’s global impact on the world of work, focusing on how this health crisis is impacting the return to the workplace, the great skills shift, employee physical and emotional well-being and the importance of building resilience in people and organisations. Our two hosts, Roberta Cucchiaro and Dominika Galusa also talk about the latest technologies and hear from our clients on how to make the Next Normal better for all.

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