Event: A New Era of HR and Procurement Collaboration

As labour markets change, business demands mature, and organisations face increasing pressure to find the right talent to remain competitive, a degree of respect is steadily growing regarding the significance of HR and Procurement collaboration.

While traditionally there may have been a disconnect between these two groups, working more closely together and aligning their strategies can increase an organisation’s capacity for growth, recognise cost savings and introduce greater efficiencies. In short: businesses are recognising the value of Total Talent Management.

At the second event in our Total Talent Management event series, we were joined by guest speakers, Mark Camilleri and Jack Bircher of Jaguar Land Rover. They talked the audience through some of the issues that Jaguar Land Rover have faced on their journey to Total Talent Management and the lessons that have been made along the way. They acknowledged that while astronomical growth and ambitious plans are positive, they also create challenges for organisations, particularly in relation to talent requirements.

In the discussion that followed, attendees explored a number of considerations and practical steps that could be taken to gain internal buy-in and begin to implement or strengthen a more joined-up, cohesive approach between HR and Procurement.