Report: A Skills Revolution – Consumers of Work to Builders of Talent

A decade ago, we identified four forces that were transforming business models – shifting demographics, greater individual choice, client sophistication and technological revolution. With the rise of robots, globalisation and wider geopolitical uncertainty, it’s clear that the Human Age has now well and truly arrived.

Today, the Human Age is manifesting itself with the emergence of a Skills Revolution – where finding the right balance of technology, talent and human connection will be what enables both people and businesses to succeed. Going forward, helping people to upskill and adapt to the fast-changing world of work will be the defining labour challenge of our time.

In this, the latest edition of our annual Human Age Series, we take a look at key forces that are transforming the business landscape. We analyse the critical challenges that lie ahead in years to come; and make recommendations on what how employers need to act to ensure they are equipped to adapt.