PODCAST: Developing the Green Energy Talent Landscape with Siemens Energy

The focus on green energy talent is gaining traction leading up to COP26 as the world focuses on the urgent climate need.  More than 90 CEOs of large multinational organisations signed an open letter to the world’s leaders committing to work side-by-side with governments across the globe in a joint effort to accelerate the race to Net Zero. Their pledge – do more together to create a better world for people today and in the future.

Organisations are now focusing on how they can develop their strategies to meet with their global and local net zero targets. But, to be successful, they will need a generational workforce reconfiguration that includes developing a skilled green energy talent pipeline.

This will present challenges with skills shortages already prevalent within the today’s talent market, and investment in reskilling and upskilling for green energy talent will be key.

In our latest Transform Talent Podcast Series, and in celebration of Earth Month, we talk to Siemens Energy and take a look at the growing need for green energy talent. We discuss the challenges and opportunities it presents, as well as the actions Siemens Energy is taking today to support this global transformation.

Join Adam Yearsley, Global Head of Talent Management at Siemens Energy, and Keith Campbell, Director at Talent Solutions APME who discuss how to develop green energy talent.  Hear more on how organisations can help people transition into these new and emerging roles, and why self-insight is critical to strengthening the key skills required for success in green energy.

Listen now:

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