PODCAST: Shaping the New Reality: How Organisations Can Prepare for Success in 2021

Our latest Transform Talent Podcast episode dives into the key trends for 2021: workforce flexibility, talent sustainability and digital transformation.

Remote work has created boundless opportunities for employers to tap skills beyond borders and talent in the cloud; the pandemic and social movements around inequalities have pushed organisations to refocus on what’s most important to employees: wellbeing, upskilling and transparency; and as technology becomes more pervasive in every facet of our lives, we explore how SuperTeams, powered by AI, can combine the best of human skills and intelligent machines.

Join Raleen Gagnon, Vice President Global Market Intelligence at Talent Solutions; Marceline Beijer, Global RPO Brand Leader and Vice President Europe at Talent Solutions, and Dave Mancl, Performance Analytics Director at ManpowerGroup, as they discuss how organisations can prepare for success in 2021.

Through engaging interviews with talent industry experts, our new podcast series discusses Covid-19’s global impact on the world of work, focusing on how this health crisis is impacting the return to the workplace, the great skills shift, employee physical and emotional well-being and the importance of building resilience in people and organisations. Our two hosts, Roberta Cucchiaro and Dominika Galusa also talk about the latest technologies and hear from our clients on how to make the Next Normal better for all.

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