Report: Find the Missing Workforce – Workforce Visibility

Employers of all sizes take for granted that they have a fairly accurate understanding of the number of people who work for them. While exact figures are elusive due to normal workforce fluctuations on any given day, employers expect to have a close approximation. In reality, companies can be off by thousands – particularly when considering contingent workforces.

Uncertain workforce counts create practical issues for organisations. Without thorough, reliable systems in place to track workers, there is little record of start and end dates, worker locations, vendors, identification/badges and certifications. Far more concerning than administrative issues, however, are the risks Compliance, safety and confidentiality can be compromised when worker tracking is incomplete, potentially resulting in PR crises, legal issues and compromised emergency response. Organisations that lack a clear picture of their workforces also face an opportunity cost in that they are unable to make fully informed strategic decisions about growth and allocation of human resources.