Report: The Journey of Globalising Managed Service Programmes

More and more companies are interested in taking their Managed Service Programme (MSP) global. In fact, there’s been a 45% increase in the number of global RFI’s for MSPs, and annual spend is expected to rise in the coming years as well.

There’s a number of key dynamics which are driving this growth in demand for globalised MSPs. This includes an organisational desire for greater efficiencies; improvements in MSP technologies; corporate expansion plans; and growing market maturity.

Nonetheless, the challenges of implementing a globalised MSP shouldn’t be underestimated. Ensuring global programme consistency, whilst aligning to the unique regulatory requirements of each country, isn’t easy.

Deploying a globalised MSP

Growing demand for globalised MSPs has led to a number of new models being introduced to deliver the results companies now seek. There’s the ‘hub-and-spoke’ model, which involves every country having a separate MSP, coordinated through one, single hub. And there’s the fully centralised approach, where a single provider delivers a consistent programme across all markets.

This whitepaper explores the key dynamics which are driving the growing demand for global MSPs. It analyses several models that can support in the delivery of an MSP across multiple geographies, and it provides recommendations on how to prepare for a successful global MSP programme.

Please note: this is a large file (5MB), so may take time to download.