Report: Total Workforce Index 2017

Comprehensive data is required to enable organisations to make global workforce decisions. While there is an extensive amount of information that’s readily available at local labour market level, real value is only created when this is paired with context and deeper insight.

Compiling more than 90 key data points relating to availability, cost efficiency, regulation and productivity, the Total Workforce Index™ measures the relative ease of sourcing, hiring and retaining a workforce in 75 competing labour markets around the world.

By assembling this data in a meaningful way, the Index helps organisations make capital investments and business decisions, based on revenue objectives, competitive insights, workforce enablement, risk factors and economics. It’s the only Index of its kind – using expert insights, a proprietary formula, and a high-tech, high-touch approach to compare the workforce potential of labour markets around the world.

The Total Workforce Index™ enables organisations to comprehensively analyse data and develop winning strategies, to lead them into the next decade with confidence. We invite you to download the full whitepaper to find out more.