Video: Workforce Analytics and the Road to Total Talent Management

A growing number of individuals are opting for alternative work models, instead of traditional, full-time, permanent roles. In order to continue attracting skilled talent, employers must engage with employees across a variety of different working styles and contracts. As workforce composition becomes more complex, organisations are increasingly realising that they need to break down the barriers between their permanent and non-permanent workforces. They need to embrace a Total Talent Management approach to the workforce, and focus on the value a worker can provide, instead of their employment status.

To achieve this, data will be critical. With a clear and full picture of their workforce, underpinned by comprehensive workforce analytics, organisations can make more strategic decisions about growth and allocation of resources. They can narrow any skills gaps their organisation faces, and they can better adapt to future changes in skill requirements. Most of all, they can take a more holistic, joined-up approach to managing their workforce.

We spoke with David Mason, Director of Talent Acquisition and Management at Contal Ltd, to further explore the importance of workforce analytics on the journey to Total Talent Management. To view the fill interview, we invite you to watch the video below.

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