PODCAST: How Blockchain Empowers Job Seekers

Resume inaccuracy costs employers more than half a trillion US dollars per year and there’s always an element of risk for businesses when they hire new talent, but what if there was a way to minimise that risk while also empowering job seekers?

Blockchain technology is perhaps best known for its role in safeguarding the cryptocurrency infrastructure in Bitcoin, for example, to make financial transactions secure without a need for a bank or a middleman. But in the latest episode of our Transform Talent podcast, we are talking about the use case for Blockchain in HR.

What are the benefits and challenges for both candidates and employers? What if candidates could have a tamper-proof, portable Digital Work Passport? How could Blockchain technology impact the future of HR? You don’t want to miss this episode with Erik Simins, CEO and co-founder of Workwolf, a Toronto-based start-up that is disrupting traditional hiring cycles to automate and improve time to hire via a two-phase hiring process and a Digital Work Passport.

Through engaging interviews with talent industry experts, our new podcast series discusses Covid-19’s global impact on the world of work, focusing on how this health crisis is impacting the return to the workplace, the great skills shift, employee physical and emotional well-being and the importance of building resilience in people and organisations. Our two hosts, Roberta Cucchiaro and Dominika Galusa also talk about the latest technologies and hear from our clients on how to make the Next Normal better for all.

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