PODCAST: Inclusivity in Fashion Starts with Diversity of Thought

In recent years we have started to see less Photoshop being used in magazines, more diverse backgrounds on the catwalks than there were before, but what about the diversity of fashion students, emerging designers, industry leaders?

The fashion industry has long been heralded as a leader within the creative fields, bringing new voices and points of view to the table and encouraging talent from all backgrounds. Beyond the artistic ingenuity of the industry, the UK’s fashion industry is also the country’s largest creative industry, estimated to be worth £26 billion, and supplying 800,000 jobs to the economy.

The dynamic pace of the industry creates great opportunities for innovation, but also poses unique challenges. How do you move quickly, but slow down at the same time, to capture everyone’s voice at each level of a business? As diversity of thought drives creativity within an organisation, how do we create psychological safety within a team, so people bring the best of themselves at all seniority levels? What is the connection between inclusion, culture, curiosity and unconscious bias?

Capri Holdings Limited is a global fashion luxury group, consisting of iconic brands that are industry leaders, including Versace, Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors. For this episode of our Transform Talent podcast, Tony Rogers, Senior Consultant at Right Management, spoke with Semone Bamboat, VP of Global Talent Acquisition and Diversity & Inclusion at Capri Holdings, about how leaders can create a safe, inclusive and supportive culture in their organisations.

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