PODCAST – Season 2, Episode 15: Turn Complexity into Opportunity with the Total Workforce Index™

In this episode we talk about the 2021 Total Workforce Index™ (TWI). What is it and what does it measure? And how can using it help organisations navigate change? Tune in to learn more about location strategy, balancing remote and onsite workers, restructuring decisions and meeting diversity and inclusion goals. We discuss the five key emerging themes that are impacting labour markets around the world as well as the investment opportunities across three key growth sectors: digital services, advanced manufacturing and clean energy. In this episode we also learn how employers are leveraging the TWI and what we can expect as we enter 2022.

Download the 2021 TWI Summary Report.

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Through engaging interviews with talent industry experts, our podcast series discusses Covid-19’s global impact on the world of work, focusing on how this health crisis is impacting the return to the workplace, the great skills shift, employee physical and emotional well-being and the importance of building resilience in people and organisations. We also talk about the latest technologies and hear from our clients on how to make the Next Normal better for all.

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